Ask Rita
AskRita is part of my Blawg. It will feature questions from amazing users of this site, people just like Y….OU!!!!!

I’ve always said that I want to make the law, FUN and interactive and to stimulate legal learbing in a very creative way. My blawg is a way of engaging with “YOUsers” of this website. AskRita is a way of getting YOUsers to interact with me by asking legal questions.

PLEASE NOTE: I cannot get to all questions. There are also burning Blawg issues I want to attend to, like…ahhhh wait for it. How many of you would just love to know a bit more about SA Criminal Law in the context of certain fairy tales, say Hansel and Gretel, or get a better understanding of SA Labour Law like examining a US episode of Kitchen Nightmares (the Amy’s Bakery saga to be precise), or under business integrity and anti-corruption in the context of “Cake Boss”? Oh, yes…I want this Blawg to be fun, but so legally informative that YOUsers are simply imbibing information without even being aware of it. Yeah…gonna turn all of you into lawyers 🙂 !!!!

The point currently is that I am a one-woman show. However, I will do the best I can to get to the questions I can. If nothing is answered here, then please always visit our LEGAL GUIDANCE tabs and see if your question can be answered there.

Please email your legal question to Keep questions respectful and limited to 5 lines.

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