Bespoke Legal Services

Bespoke Legal Services

Virtual Legal exists solely for the provision and sale of DIY legal agreements, DIY legal documents, legal e-guides, legal e-textbooks, legal e-recruitment services and such like.It does not provide any tailored/customised/bespoke legal services, and may be characterised as a legal publishing business as opposed to a legal consulting business.

For tailored/customised/bespoke legal services, we use the services of 1) our sister entiry SITL Legal, and 2) of S Singh Legal Consulting.

Review of Legal Agreements Purchased Here

Review of legal agreements purchased from this website constitutes bespoke services.

There may be instances where you require specialised legal services even with agreements that you have purchased from this site.

In this regard SITL Legal offers virtual specialist legal services that you may utilise in respect of the “tweaking” of legal agreements purchased from this site.

The process is as follows:
  • Purchase the legal agreement that you require;
  • Complete the agreement as thoroughly as possible;
  • Make certain to read every clause of the agreement in great detail so that you are aware of what each clause means and how the agreement operates wholistically; ensure all appendices are completed;
  • Do the necessary research around your legal matter using this website, Google, our explanatory notes, drafting notes and legal articles; read this article as to why doing the latter is in your best interests;
  • Contact SITL Legal directly ( regarding a payment quotation and terms and conditions related to the agreement tailoring service; we reiterate that you must work through the agreement and legal issues as thoroughly, comprehensively and robustly as you can; this will help to limit the time needed to review your agreement and will ensure that only critical issues are dealt with.
  • DIY Divorces
  • IT Agreements
  • Free legal documents
  • Loan Security Agreements
  • Loan Agreements
  • Property Agreements
  • Service Agreements
  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Shareholders’ Agreements
  • Sale of Business Agreements
  • Non-disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements
  • Employment Agreements
  • Restraint of Trade
  • Close Corporations
  • Sale of Share Agreements
  • Sale of Goods Agreement
  • Power of Attorney
  • Trust Deeds
  • Legal Health Check For Businesses and Individuals
  • Marriage Contracts
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