Commercial Lawyer Specialised Skills

Commercial lawyers” are also known as business lawyers, and they specialise in various business related matters. When looking for a lawyer to assist with legal issues around immigration, business matters, lease agreements and the like, someone who specialises in this area would be ideal to engage. Their specialisation will ensure that you receive adequate representation and maximise your chances of a favourable outcome.

There are a number of areas in which a commercial lawyer can assist with; some of these are considered next:

  • Contracts

    A commercial lawyer can assist with the negotiation as well as drafting and signing of contracts. These can be between businesses, a business and an individual, the business and a labour union – essentially the business and another party or entity. The lawyer can either act as an advisor, or can act on behalf of the business during the negotiation and signing stage of the agreement.

  • Business Law

    There are many reasons why a business would need a specialised commercial lawyer. This can be for anything from concluding a partnership agreement with another business, to assistance with bankruptcy, signing a lease agreement on a property, negotiating a merger, and even intellectual property laws among others.

  • Labour Law

    If you own a business, having someone who understands labour laws – and so can assist you in ensuring that no laws are broken – is crucial! Labour matters can be very sensitive, especially in a country like South Africa where employees are given a lot of protection by the law. A commercial lawyer who is able to assist with labour negotiations during times of strikes or the threat of a strike is necessary. They will help protect you and your business from potential penalties, even from breach or certain contraventions that could lead to prosecution!

In addition to being able to assist with the above, commercial lawyers also need to possess sharp communication skills, be able to think on their feet, as well as understand the laws behind any work they handle on your behalf. A very good understanding of what their client requires, can help the commercial lawyer to work effectively on their behalf. Listening to client and understanding what outcome they are hoping for from a negotiation, are therefore key for a commercial lawyer to be successful!

With a good commercial lawyers on your side, your business will have well negotiated deals and well drafted contracts that will keep you and your business fully protected and compliant with the law. To enlist an expert commercial lawyer contact SITL Legal for a host of related services. SITL’s comprehensive offering includes affordable online legal precedents, expertise on commercial law, corporate governance, trust law and much more.

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