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Drafting Services

SITL Legal is equipped to provide you with up-to-date legal opinions and legal agreements across a range of industries. Our legal advisory and agreement drafting services have been utilised in the following industries: mining, gas, investment banking (corporate finance, structured finance, derivatives, securitisations and structured financial products; development finance, corporate financial services, steel manufacturing, information technology, logistics, short-term insurance, the pension funds industry, engineering, etc.

We have provided advice on inter alia private equity deals, listed deals, short-term insurance, corporate law, trust law, environmental law, administrative law, constitutional law, intellectual property, pensions law, information technology, business rescue, franchise agreements, services agreements, shareholder agreements, subscription agreements, sale of business agreements, sale of asset agreements, deal-structuring from a legal risks’ perspective, business integrity issues, engineering design agreements, enterprise development deals, international consignment stock and distribution agreements, international sale agreements, international software licence and software maintenance agreements, non-profit law and non-profit legal structures, public benefits organisations and issues of donor deductibility and income tax exemption, director roles and responsibilities, certain aspects of competition law etc, project finance agreements, security agreements, corporate finance agreements, syndicated loan agreements etc.

including but not limited to advising on legal aspects of:

  • trust law;
  • commercial law generally;
  • corporate law;
  • social justice law (administrative law, human rights law, constitutional law);
  • oil, energy;
  • private equity deals;
  • mergers and acquisitions;
  • investment banking and financial services;
  • information technology;
  • mining;
  • environmental law;
  • labour and such like.

And the drafting of contracts across a range of disciplines, including but not limited to:

  • sale of business agreements,
  • sale of shares agreements,
  • shareholders’ agreements,
  • software development agreements,
  • licence agreements,
  • maintenance agreements,
  • loan facility agreements,
  • all security agreements required pursuant to debt-finance agreements,
  • preference share agreements,
  • inter-creditor agreements,
  • trust deed,
  • project finance agreements,
  • rental agreements,
  • settlement agreements,
  • international consignment stock agreements,
  • international sale supply agreements.
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