Legal Training Services

SITL Legal offers a range of legal training modules, such as training on the drafting of legal contracts, training on various pieces of legislation and the legal training we have specified below. We have also partnered with an expert on the JSE Listings Requirements, who is able to tailor training in this regard for company secretaries and directors. Please contact us for further information regarding our training. Some of the specific legal training we offer is as follows:

  1. Business Integrity:
    This training may be customised for specific clients to “speak” to each client’s code of conduct and various policies. Generally this training deals with inter alia anti-corruption, anti-bribery, facilitation payments and why they are not condoned, generally accepted practices around charitable donations, political donations, conflicts of interest, the accepting and receiving of gifts, and dealing with agents and intermediaries. The training is very practical, informative and includes practical examples to entrench learning.
  2. Competition Law / Anti-trust Law:

    Please email us to obtain further information about our substantive competition (anti-trust) law training.
  3. Understanding, Negotiating and Drafting Services Agreements and Confidentiality Agreements:

    This training is aimed at SMMES, but can be provided to any entity for that matter. It concentrates on teaching entities how to draft services agreements from the perspective of:

    • when these entities provide services, and
    • when these entities receive services.

    The training goes into extremely granular detail on each clause of the two agreements and includes practical training sessions to entrench training. In addition to teaching you how to negotiate, draft and settle service provider and service receive agreements, we teach you how to negotiate, draft and settle bi-laterally applicable confidentiality agreements and a unilateral confidentiality undertaking; we illustrate to you what the pros and cons of using the various legal agreements/documents are. In addition to all of the latter, you are provided with precedents of:

    • the service provider agreement,
    • the service receiver agreement (we colloquially call it a service receiver agreement; it is actually a Services Agreement as well, but it is nuanced in your favour as the receiver of services, and we simply call it such to distinguish from the agreement you will use when you provide services,
    • a bi-laterally applicable confidentiality agreement, and
    • a unilaterally applicable confidentiality undertaking.

    ADDITIONALLY: we provide you with training on the conclusion of individual confidentiality undertakings which are to be given under

    • a bi-laterally applicable confidentiality agreement, and
    • a unilateral confidentiality undertaking.

    The training is extremely intense and very detailed and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with such; please contact us at for further information regarding this training.

    Please note that all of the above is available as an e-pack at at a very cost-effective price.

  4. Future Training:

    Please visit this page as our legal training offerings continue to grow and will be listed here. For customised/bespoke legal training, please contact us at

Training Services:
including but not limited to training on various aspects of:

  • commercial law,
  • competition law,
  • tax law,
  • regulatory and corporate governance issues,
  • intellectual property law,
  • labour law,
  • the JSE Listings Requirements,
  • the drafting of agreements and such like.

For further information, please click here.

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