Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

The purpose of this privacy policy is to let you know how we deal with, and protect, your personal information that you provide to us when using, and all its affiliate sites.

All sites we own (we colloquially call these affiliate sites and will update this policy to indicate which sites these are; for now the only affiliate site we own is are subject to this privacy policy as well.

(It is prudent to read the privacy policies of all sites you visit.)

If you need anything clarified about this policy, please email us

This policy will be modified, changed and updated periodically, so it is advised that you visit this site regularly and check this page.

By accessing this website and its affiliate websites, you agree that we can use the information as set out in this policy.

Generally you can use this website without having to divulge any personal information. Any related information we collect when you use this site, such as domain names, location, pages visited etc., is not to personally identify you; instead we use this information is used for analysis purposes to help us improve the website and how it is used. We will NOT on-sell or lease or divulge any of this information to any third-parties. Your information shall only be divulged where EXPRESSLY required by law.

As this website retails certain digital products such as online agreements, e-learning and e-guides, we may collect certain information from you regarding your name, identity, residential address, personal interests, contact details and such like. This information will not be divulged without your express consent.

We will NOT intercept or monitor your communications!

We do link to other websites, and cannot guarantee how your personal information shall be treated by those entities.

Please feel free to email us at if you feel that any information we possess with reference to you is incorrect.

We use PayFast to process all electronic transactions and encourage you to visit to access details about its privacy policy and how your personal details are stored by PayFast, e.g. your credit card information.

This website is secure and we use best efforts to ensure that any personal information of yours IS NOT accessed by unauthorised entities.

We may directly market our products (digital or otherwise) but shall ensure that we act in accordance with the provisions of the Consumer Protection Act and the Protection of Personal Information Act specifically.

We reiterate that you visit this page from time to time.

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