This agreement is for use by parties who are disclosing confidential information to each other; the agreement has reciprocal rights and obligations for both parties.

PLEASE NOTE: This agreement contains an ANNEXURE A to it, in terms of which individuals give personal confidentiality undertakings to the Disclosing Party (as defined in the agreement), and in terms of which they indemnify the Disclosing Party against losses it may sustain as a result of confidential information disclosure.

The above annexure must always be printed onto a separate document and separate copies must be prepared for each individual who has to sign. Remember that when you prepare individual copies for signature, you must delete the words ANNEXURE A from the document.

Please note that when the agreement is being signed, ANNEXURE A, must simply be initialled and not signed; it has been attached as an example to the agreement and is only for initialling purposes.

WHAT MUST BE SIGNED, are the stand-alone individual confidentiality undertakings that are referred to above.

PLEASE NOTE: the personal confidentiality undertaking that is contained in ANNEXURE A and referred to above, is available for sale on this site with detailed explanatory notes at a cost of R50, 00 (fifty Rand); it is titled PERSONAL CONFIDENTIALITY UNDERTAKING- BILATERALLY APPLICABLE NDA