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SITL Legal is your best source for thorough, cost-effective legal solutions, saving you time and money, without compromising on detail.

We are largely a virtual legal consultancy and can accordingly charge cheaper fees than our peers in law firms. We aim to demystify the law, to make it understandable and user-friendly, while still protecting our clients’ interests. We are not completely virtual as we take on in-house legal roles from time to time. However, our rates -in this regard even- are very competitive.

We offer the following legal services:

  • the drafting of all legal agreements;
  • the vetting of all legal agreements;
  • the provision of legal opinions;
  • the drafting of memorandums of incorporation;
  • the drafting of all types of trust deeds, such as family trusts;
  • the provision of physical legal training on a range of legal topics, such as (but not limited to anti-trust law/competition law, business integrity (comprising of anti-corruption, anti-bribery etc.);
  • the provision of legal services related to NGOs and corporate social investment generally;
  • the occupation of in-house counsel roles on a temporary/contract basis;
  • legal compliance across a range of industries;
  • company secretarial and corporate governance services;
  • managed litigation services (we act as your agent);
  • managed conveyancing services (we act as your agent);
  • immigration;
  • alternate dispute resolution;
  • the holding of non-executive director roles;
  • the holding of non-executive trustee roles;
  • legal recruitment advertising;
  • digital marketing for non-South African law firms;
  • the sale of DIY legal agreements online;
  • the sale of e-learning;
  • the sale of legal e-guides;
  • the provision of legal training by Skype or webinars;
  • Constitutional Law and Human Rights advocacy;
  • the drafting of legal policies and codes.

Shamrita Singh has extensive commercial and corporate legal experience that spans 16 years over a range of disciplines and industries. Her clients include big business, small business, individuals and even NGOs. She also serves as personal legal advisor to certain corporate executive and non-executive directors. She has also held non-executive director roles and is well poised to advise any business. She is known for her extremely fast turnaround times, meticulous attention to detail and is connected to a vast network of legal service providers. Do not hesitate to contact her with ANY of your legal services’ needs.

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