Small Business Legal Advice Retainer Club

Due to the urgent requests for legal advice we get from small businesses, we have decided to put together this product, to test it experimentally for about 6 months and to currently limit it to 20 SMES which we decide on in our discretion. What we offer is the following:

  • an hour a month of small business commercial law advice by email;
  • discounts on all legal consulting services; this includes the drafting of custom contracts, the vetting of contracts and the provision of legal advisory services;
  • discounts on any physical legal training sessions conducted by Shamrita Singh;
  • discounts on any legal training sessions for SMEs conducted by Shamrita Singh via Skype or webinars;
  • a 15% discount on the sale of DIY legal agreements for sale here; please note that you must contact us directly to purchase any of these agreements once you become a member of the club, as we will manually send the agreement to you once the discounted fee has been paid; please do not purchase such from the website if you are a member of this club and then request a 15% discount; in those instances we cannot oblige as administration fees and such like are payable to the payment gateway entity; we reiterate if you are a member of this club, we will give you a 15% discount on all agreements that are available on provided you purchase directly via the Contact Form on this site;
  • free advertising of your business website on this website and any of our affiliate websites, which we own (see our Privacy Policy to understand how we define affiliate websites). We will place such advertisements on our website at a point in time to be determined by us.

We reiterate that it is in our discretion to determine which SMES to admit to the club, For more information, please use the Contact Form to email us and use SME Legal Advice Retainer Club in the SUBJECT field.

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