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To ensure cost-effective, yet stellar legal services, we are able to consult virtually and provide extremely cost-effective legal services. Some of these services relate to the drafting of MOIs, shareholder agreements, family trusts, various services agreements, IT agreements, international trade agreements and a multitude of other agreements. We consult via e-mail, telephone and Skype.

We have great deals on the drafting of MOIs, shareholder agreements and family trusts. Don’t wait. Contact us now with your specific query and we shall revert with a quote and further information, and our terms and conditions, as soon as possible.

    1. Amending MOIs and Drafting Shareholders’ Agreements:
      We have explained here why it is advisable to obtain a bespoke MOI and shareholders’ agreement drafted.Kindly contact us on with information as to what you require regarding the amendment of either the articles of association and memorandum of incorporation, or an existing MOI and whether you need a shareholders’ agreement drafted. We will revert to you with a quotation and details of what further information we may need
    2. Register a Company or Convert a CC:
      We have explained here in great detail why it is so necessary for entities to understand the legal implications of registering a company and concluding shareholder agreements without giving proper regard to the memorandum of incorporation (“MOI”), even when that entity is a single shareholder, single director private company.SITL Legal can register any type of company that you need. The process we employ is fast and efficient. Our prices are extremely reasonable.We DO NOT make use of the CIPC standard MOIs (as referred to in the article above). We tailor MOIs as clients need.By making use of SITL Legal for your company registration requirements, you have the benefit of over 16 years of extensive commercial experience, which includes experience with the new Companies Act.Please be wary of using entities to register your company that are not au fait with the new Companies Act and that cannot advise you correctly, or that assure you that using CIPC form CoR15.1.A (“the short standard form of CIPC MOI”) is perfectly in order. It is not, especially as your company grows and more directors are brought on board. This short standard form of CIPC MOI applies the default provisions of the new Companies Act, which could adversely impact shareholders as more directors are brought on board as the business grows.

      Please always do a bit of research around MOIs and company registrations and check the credentials of the entity registering your company for you. It is in your best interests to err on the side of caution.

      Please also be wary of purchasing shelf companies. They most probably have been incorporated using the standard CIPC MOIs, which means that they will have to be tailored in any event. That is like setting up a new company from scratch! Rather use a seasoned legal advisor like SITL Legal which can get this process right for you from the start.

      In addition to the above, we are in the process of preparing very cost-effective e-learning (which shall be made available at for shareholders of various companies to help them fully understand the MOI. This shall be coupled with free articles to be made available on this site.

      Another benefit of using SITL Legal to incorporate for-profit companies is that we fully understand the relationship between the MOI, the shareholders’ agreement and the new Companies Act. Accordingly, you are guaranteed that should you require both the incorporation of a company and a shareholders’ agreement drawn up, that they will be perfectly valid, legitimate and in accordance with the new Companies Act.

      Further to the above, we can help you convert your close corporation and put a shareholders’ agreement in place that is compatible with your unique MOI.

Please email us at and let us know what type of company you require; we shall revert to you with a quotation and details of all the information that we require.

  1. Family Trusts:
    We consult with you remotely, and once we have all the information we require, you receive the following:

    • the family trust deed;
    • a substantive and easy to understand legal opinion that enables you to ensure that your trust is correctly administered and does not flout any laws;
    • all attendant documents needed to be completed.

    Our family trust deed is an extremely well drafted and cogent legal document.

    The substantive opinion provided will enable you to ensure that your trust is not viewed as a sham trust (in terms of which you may lose all the benefits of having a family trust).

    We caution you to be extremely circumspect as to whom you use to create your family trust and advise you in regards thereto. If your trust is not correctly administered in accordance with statutory and common law stipulations, you may lose all the benefits in respect thereof. Please exercise caution in dealing with entities that promise the creation of family trusts at extremely cheap prices, but fail to provide you with cogent legal advice in terms of how such needs to be managed and by whom. Please err on the side of caution.

  2. Other Legal Work:
    We reiterate that, in addition to the above specific services, we are able to offer most legal services remotely. Please contact us with your specific requirements and we shall revert with a quote.

To facilitate the delivery of cost-effective legal services, we are able to consult via Skype, email and by telephone.

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