We have a substantive divorce settlement agreement for sale here that encapsulates a detailed parental plan. There are explanatory and drafting notes within this agreement to guide you in terms of concluding it. The cost of this agreement is R375, 00 (three hundred and seventy five Rand) and deals with the following: division of marital assets (EXCLUDING PENSION INTERESTS), spousal maintenance, child maintenance, detailed parenting provisions regulating residence of the children, what is to happen in the event of the death of the primary care-taker, religious faith that children are to be brought up under, schooling, transport, mediation, breach, cists, good faith, full disclosure, etc.


We reiterate the complexities with regard to dividing pension interests and advise that if the parties are divorcing on an uncontested basis, are doing a DIY divorce, but wish to have a customised (bespoke) settlement agreement and parenting plan drawn up due to complexities around, for example, pension interests, then please email info@sitllegal.,co.za for a quote.